Monthly Archive: August 2014

Love is like a mirror…

Love is like a mirror.
Makes no judgements and reflects your condition.
It is your choice how close you hold the mirror.

— Jas Jagpal


Gratitude: Fresh Air

I’m grateful for the fresh air.  We take it for granted but if you’ve ever struggled for air, be it under water or a health emergency, you’ll realize what a gift it is. Now...



Yesterday, my son (11) asked, “Dad, how can I be more creative?” Instinctively I said to write more. Later I reflected and realized, creativity is giving voice to our intuition and the aware being that...


Day 23 – My Marriage Proposal

Today I received a Thank You card from World Vision that read: “Dear Friend,  In 1998, you set out with World Vision on a journey to transform the lives of children in need.  What...


Reflection: Rising Sun

How amazing it is to look outside and see the morning darkness being lifted by the rising sun. It doesn’t happen in an instant. It takes time. Likewise, it takes time to rid ourselves...