101-ThingsToBeGrateful-2EnergyDay 2- Energy

I’m grateful for the abundance of Energy that we have to power our comfortable lifestyle.

We’ve all gone through a few hours or a day without Hydro or Heating in the Winter.  We’ve all experienced the anxiety of losing power and the worry that goes with it. We’re scared and start thinking about the impending doom that our house will freeze, or everything in the fridge will go bad,  and even how we are going to cook meals for ourselves?  Especially those with electric stoves.

Did you know that, even to this day, half of the world does not have a consistent power supply.  It can be sweltering 40 degrees C temperature but no energy to power a fan.  Near freezing outside and no power to start a small heater and all you can do is cover yourself with thick blankets, and that is if you are lucky to have them.  Even power to light up a bulb is a luxury for many.  They live by the rhythms of the sun to get their work done.

We are so lucky to have a constant source of energy, be it Nuclear power,  so we can have the lifestyle we take for granted in Canada.  Just imagine, the outside temperature at -20 deg C and you are huddled up beside a wood burning fireplace that you collected to survive in your wooded house.  Wouldn’t that be a tough life to live.  Forget watching TV, surfing the Internet and even writing this gratitude blog.

That is why I’m grateful for the abundant energy we have so we can live our comfortable lifestyle.

Cheers, Jas Jagpal