I found it surprising to see how difficult it is to write a gratitude journal.  When given a 10 Day challenge, I notice the theme of the gratitudes become repetitive at about Day 6.  I’m going to challenge myself over the next 101 days to write 101 Things to be Grateful For living in Toronto, Canada.  Hopefully, my gratitudes will help you expand your awareness and fill your hearts to experience more gratitude.

Thank you for reading and being party of this journey and sharing my gratitudes.

101-ThingsToBeGrateful- FoodDay 1 – FOOD

I am grateful to have a pantry and a fridge full of food for my family and I to eat.

It is just amazing that we live in one of the coldest climates in the world and yet we can literally take a 5 minute drive or walk to a local grocery store and buy food grown all around the world.

Isn’t it just awesome to eat pineapples in the winter and mangoes in the summer from half way around the world?  Call 967.11.11 and order Pizza delivered to your house?

I guess we are so accustomed to buying anything we like to eat and are so distant from how our food is grown, having never ventured on a farm, that we don’t realize how privileged we live.  Half the human race eat a very simple diet of grains, fruits and nuts.  Just having milk daily and eggs occassionaly is a dietary luxury.  Meat, well that’s just a rarity.

I’m hoping we can give our food a second thought.  Be grateful that we have so much.  If possible,  change our buying habits to incorporate more of the healthy greens and rid ourselves of the highly processed stuff.

Cheers, Jas Jagpal

P.S.  If you get a moment… watch this video on our food.  Cooking at Home is the Secret to a Healthy Life.  Funny thing is that’s what mom’s been saying for ever!